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Just like us :)

Evenings spent at the beach with sandy toes and salty hair and friends, watching the sunset are the best types of evenings. #nofilter #sunset #summer #beach #perfection


buffalo/denim/classic white

Sams Surprise 21st party :)))


incredible//bryce canyon national park


He is completely perfect for me and my very best friend, he knows how to make me laugh and smile and loves being silly with me and he takes time to make me feel adored, and he loves Jesus. He encourages and challenges me and constantly points me back to the lord. He let’s me be myself even of I fart or burp all the time or never shave my legs, he still loves me and I love him.
Here’s to another 2 years together

One day :)

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Cant wait to get these when my pay check comes through :D


for the past four years, I’ve been given great sunsets for my birthday and this year is no exception (I also had a woodtick stuck on me and ate raspberry pie got to see a turtle in the wild!). here’s to 24!